pack horse 7 Day Introduction to Guide School - $995.00

Our 7 day introduction to guide school is a opportunity to experience the overall guide school curriculum, without having to commit to a month long class. You will be introduced to all of the skills required to be a top guide so that you can have the chance to decide if this could be the career for you. The basics of horsemanship and care along with instruction on packing horses into the wilderness will be covered during this 5 day course. You will actually saddle up and pack the string to go on a 2 night camping trip where camp set up and cooking are taught. Instruction on the habits, scoring and weapons used to hunt Mule Deer and Elk will also be covered during your stay

breaktime 12 Day Advanced Guide School Course - $1,695.00

The 12 day course is a much more in depth study in the skills necessary to become a wilderness hunting guide. You will learn the skills to maintain horses, horsemanship, packing and camp setup. Hunting skills, weapons and understanding of the responsibility both a guide and wrangler have to the outfitter and the customer will be covered. You should leave this course with the skills to do an internship with an outfitter as a wrangler or guide. Rather than spend all your time in extended guide school program, we feel that with the skills acquired here you can work in the industry as a intern and finish your education with a outfitter who can help you hone your skills in an actual hunting camp situation.

Trail Ride Horses and Horsemanship

  • How to feed, water and care for horses in a wilderness camp
  • Recognition of common horse illness and injuries
  • First aid and first aid kit for horses
  • Introduction to various types of tack and proper care of
  • Preparation and safety measures used in the saddling of horses
  • Making sure tack fits both horse and rider
  • Basic horseback riding skills

Trail head packing Packing

  • Introduction to different types pack saddle
  • Introduction to the different types of packs used
  • How to properly pad and saddle a pack horse
  • How to load packs and proper weight distribution
  • Packing odd sized loads
  • Knots and hitches to tie down loads
  • How to put a string of pack horses together
  • How to safely lead a pack string

Mountain Camp Camp Setup

  • Types of tents for each season
  • Tent setup
  • How to setup a clean, comfortable and safe camp
  • Campfire building and safety
  • Latrine building and care
  • Customer care

Camp Cook Camp Cooking

  • Planning meals prior to camp
  • Preparation of food for trip to camp
  • Preparing of meals in camp
  • Dutch oven cooking
  • Bear Safety

Packing Antlers Big Game Hunting Skills

  • Habits of mule deer and elk
  • Shooting safety and practice
  • Scoring of mule deer and elk
  • Shot placement
  • Tracking of wounded animals

Fly Fishing Fly Fishing Skills

  • Equipment used for fly fishing
  • Casting on big and small water
  • Fly tying and selection